the full rigger sørlandet's
Friends association

The gift that became a national cultural treasure

"Sørlandet" is not only one of the few remaining full rigs in the world today (she is the second oldest of three Norwegian tall ships, the “Great Trio of Norway”, which besides her includes Statsraad Lehmkuhl and Christian Radich), it's also one of the most beautiful ones.

Beautiful to look at, soft in its lines, raised and proud as a queen. The full rigger was built in May 1927 in the region where she has for a long time been central to the education of sailors – a traditional rigged sailing ship was well suited to give young people an introduction to maritime skills and thus open the possibility of a professional career. For almost a hundred years "Sørlandet" has created pride and identity, made young people adults, and taught them that through effort and cooperation we can achieve the most distant goals. Many of the students have thought with joy and gratitude back to the adolescence they were allowed tospend on board the "Sørlandet", and on what this gave, both for the sailorsand those who were not. Our sailing ship is still there for the joy and benefitof women and men, for girls and boys who get to sail with it.

The Full Rigger Sørlandet’s Friends Association is created to take care of the unique cultural heritage from the maritime Norway under sail.
Be a part of our "crew" and help us to take care of the ship and keep "Sørlandet" be able to sail fully loaded with knowledge, culture and traditions.  

There are four different types of membership:
Single member
NOK 390 –a year
Family member 
NOK 750– a year
Member for life 
NOK 5000
NOK 5000 – a year 

15% discount on tours and arrangements on board of the full rigger Sørlandet
News and actual campaigns before they get public
Free sail tour  for all Sørlandets Friends once a year

Contact the foundation and we will tell you more about how to become a member:

Gi en gave med mening

Med din gave kan vi holde skuta i stand slik at hun kan seile fullastet med kunnskap, kultur og tradisjoner.
Ønsker du et donasjonsbevis? Dersom du donerer mer enn 1000,- så kan du kontakte oss når donasjonen er gitt, så sender vi et innrammet bevis i posten.